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We Restore Your Home After a Flood, fire, Asbestos or mold


Doing Your Own Water Damage Cleanups Could Cause More Damage Down The Road.


How SLC Flood Pros Can Help...

Unfortunately, many Utah residents feel like they can save money by doing their own disaster recovery themselves. Sometimes the motivation is to save a few pennies. Yet this short-sighted approach can leave a home at risk of mold, structural damage to a home, or put the health of its residents at risk.


Mold damage may make it impossible or difficult to sell a home at full price in the future or may lengthen a sale when mold damage is disclosed. 


Are you looking for a reputable disaster cleanup company to take care of your flood or other water damage emergencies? We can help with the full restoration, and do so in a way that reduces the risk of structural damage or mold. 


Go Flood Pros are available 24/7 - We are here for you whenever you need us. 

Salt Lake City Homeowners: Looking for the 5 steps to cleanup after a flood? This video shows you what to do in the case that water damages your home and what you need to do to avoid the risk of structural damage or even mold. 


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Appliance Leaks

Appliances Leaks

Appliance leaks is the number one cause  of in-home flooding. Washing machines, dishwashers, refrigerator water lines to name a few. We are here to help prevent damage as well as take care of damages. 

Broken pipes and household damage

Broken or Leaking Pipes

Both Utah and Colorado with their severe winters see their fair share of frozen and broken pipes causing major water and flood damage. 

Fllods and water damage

Floods from Rain Storm or Sprinklers

Both Utah and Colorado homes have basements that tend to be vulnerable to flooding due to water accumulating from broken sprinkler lines or floods from neighbors yards. Homes on hilly slopes tend to be more vulnerable to water runoffs. 

Tiolet and bathroom leaks and damage

Toilet Leaks or Sewage Backup

Leaking toilets and sewer backups are the second most common form of disaster cleanup calls for our Utah and Colorado offices. And while not as common as appliance leaks, they are more "potent" than common water leaks. 

HVAC Leaks and damage

HVAC Leaks

Leaks from water cylendars, as well as heating and air conditioners cause environmental and home damage. 


We Restore Your Home's Interior

Whether it be from sewage backup, basement flooding, other water damage from leaks, broken pipes, or an appliance malfunction, we are the SLC disaster cleanup and recovery experts to get you back to living! So if you are searching for a disaster cleanup company near me, give us a call. 


We Restore External Leaks

External leaks can be such a pain. They may require machinery to dig up pipes or perhaps broken sprinkler pipes from your or a neighbors yard? Or broken pipes due to freezing or other damage. In any case, we have you covered, and we service the entire Salt Lake County 24/7. 

Disaster Cleanup and Recovery Services Utah

- Fire damage restoration 

- Water damage and flood cleanup or restoration

- Disaster cleanup

- Mold cleanup

- Asbestos removal

- Pipe leak repairs

- Cleaning services

- Duct cleaning services



Salt Lake Valley homeowners have been hit hard in recent years with earthquakes, floods, snowmelt runoff, water main breaks, sprinkler systems damages, toxic spills, hard freezes, frozen pipes, or mold damage. 


That's where SLC Disaster Cleanup Services can help get you back on your feet. Contact us for a free quote. We service the entire Salt Lake Valley. 


Don't worry if it is after hours. We know emergencies don't limit themselves to 9 am to 5 pm. 



Emergency Services and Disaster Cleanup Areas and Cities

  • Salt Lake City
  • Midvale
  • Bountiful
  • Draper
  • Sandy
  • West Valley
  • Jordan
  • Herriman
  • Saratoga Springs
  • Eagle Mountain
  • Alpine
  • Highland

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You bet! Disaster's don't follow a 9 to 5 schedule. So call usanytime. We are here for you whenever you need us.

No, we also service businesses like hotels, restaurants, retail establishments, service businesses etc. We know a disaster or shutdown means a direct hit on revenue. Call us anytime so we can help get you back up and running as soon as possible.

Seeing signs of water or water damage? The EPA advises that you begin restoration of Water Damage within 24-48 hours to prevent mold growth.

While storm damage may pose a real threat to your home or business, when you hear the word flood, you may may not consider that most flooding disasters happen due to plumbing failures and appliance leaks

Outside of the obvious damages from a fire, smoke odor and damage can affect areas of the property not immediately touched by the fire itself. We help you restore a home or business to the condition prior to the fire damage.

Mold “Remediation” is much more than just cleaning up the mold. At Flood Pros, we pride ourselves in following the strictest of industry protocols as defined by Indoor Environmental Standards Organization (IESO) and the (IICRC). Proper containment and removal of mold growth is essential to preventing further spread and contaminating air with mold spores or toxins.

Proper disposition of the mold is determined by its location and the specific materials it has colonized. Removing the mold includes several options; wet washing, wire brushing, HEPA vacuuming to name a few. In some cases complete removal of infected materials is mandatory (ie. drywall). Once cleaned an area may require the application of biocides, based on written protocol.

It isn’t hard to see why sewage based water damage is such a serious threat. Sewage also brings with it a number of dangerous contaminants such as viruses, bacteria, parasites, and fungi, almost all of which may cause serious discomfort or illness if exposed to by humans or animals. The damage caused by the water, the smell associated with the sewage waste, and the health issues described will make any home or business inhospitable. We restore your home or business to a safe state where none of these risks apply. 

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